Mighty Outreach Publishers was founded by Frank Mwakasisi, Ph.D. in May 2019 when he was ready to publish his first book, What to Do When You Don’t Know What To Do Volume 1. Dr. Mwakasisi researched the publishing industry and didn’t find a better way to publish his books other than starting his own publishing company.

Mighty Outreach Publishers is an Indie publishing company. It operates like a traditional publisher on a small scale. Our mission is to help authors realize their dreams of publishing their books. Mighty Outreach Publishers are predominantly a Christian Publishing Company. However, it endeavors to publish nonfiction books in Health, Fitness, and Nutrition to cover both aspects of a human being, spiritual and physical.

We operate as traditional publishers, and therefore we don’t ask for money upfront before we publish the book. Companies that charge money upfront are the Vanity publishing companies or the New Vanity Press like Christian Faith Publishing, Westbow Press, Author Solutions, Authorhouse, Balboa Press, Xlibris, iUniverse, Dorrance, just to mention a few. These companies are in the business of selling printing services but not helping the author sell books. Mighty Outreach Publishers is in the business of publishing books, helping authors sell books and make money. We cover all the costs related to book cover design, interior design and formatting, and marketing of the books. The authors receive royalty checks once every quarter.

Authors submit electronically their manuscript to us that fall into the two categories: Christian or Health, Fitness, and Nutrition. Our junior acquisition editors will review the manuscripts. If the junior editor finds the manuscript interesting and has a broader appeal, she/he recommends to a senior acquisition editor who sends a final recommendation to the Editor-in-Chief. If the junior editor finds out that the manuscript fails to meet our threshold, he communicates back to the author to tell them that we are not going to publish the book.

We pride ourselves in our stringent guidelines for accepting manuscripts to make sure we publish great books and share great stories.